Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MWCGC Championships MySocial Event

For my Social Justice Event I am writing about the MidwestColor Guard Championships I attended.  I was able to see both behind the scenes (the areas where groups get ready) as well as many of the performances.

My first connection is Delpit. While hanging with my friend and her guard in the staging area I noticed a guard of all black females with a white coach.  The girls did not seem to respect the coach, rolling their eyes at her and not paying attention. I noticed that the coach was not being direct with the girls. She would ask them a question like, “Are you supposed to be chewing gum in uniform,” instead of “Spit that gum out.”. It is clear that their coach grew up in a very different culture then her students and she did not know the rules of power in her student’s world. Delpit would say these students expect her to act like she is in charge. Because she questions them instead of asking they do not see her as someone in charge.

My second connection is to Johnson. One of the guards performed a show called: It’s a Man’sWorld. I looked all over youtube to find a copy of this show but they have not published it :-(. The guard had male members dressed up in suites and ties and the women wore aprons and 1950 type dresses. The show showed the power and privilege white men had. They were paid more, they had business jobs while the women stayed home or were secretaries to the powerful men. It showed perfectly what Johnson said about society attaching privilege to being white and male. The females would try to show the males the injustice of not being treated as equals but the men seemed to ignore them. This reminded me of a quote in We’re In Trouble where Johnson says, “ Whites don’t want to look at racism or men at sexism…”

My BFF's guard member Becca, who received the Commanders Medallion.
She is pictured with Circuit President  Howie Mogil.   
My third connection is to Safe Spaces. My reason for this is because the MWCG finals are clearly a safe space for the members. During the award ceremony there was an award named for a homosexual couple that were both positive members of the community. Before the award was given a short paragraph was read about their lives as well as what they had done for the guard community. One of the guard shows had two girls as a couple in love. I saw at least one coach wearing a rainbow bracelet.  I think August would think these are great examples of windows and mirrors. The students can see themselves as part of the group. They are valued for who they are and are able to connect with other like themselves.
My BFF Kelly and her two Seniors Becca and Karissa.
I have been to this event in years past but this was the first time I paid attention to relationships and social issues that went on outside the actual performances. It was fun and interesting to look for connections to what we have learned in class this semester.  I am sure I will find myself doing this at future events as well
**I did not take these photos from the event one of the parents in my friends guard who is a photographer did.

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